Manual Testing

One of the oldest and most persistent testing services is manual testing, where testing team do not use the automated testing tools. As the name propose, in this method developer work manually on the softwares to detect the errors without any automated tool or script. In Manual testing unlike automated testing, functional testing objectives are achieved by defining testing strategies and creating test plans. The testing team?s work is to identify the unexpected errors, bug or issues and cover business scenarios from head-to-toe.

Which Manual Testings PureLogics can do?

PureLogics considers the requirements of every kind of business and ensures that all of their demands will meet in time. There are different stages that we follow in manual testing, most popular of them are:

The Enterprise Portal has many features that boast of reliability and enhance its popular appeal by being a highly innovative tool of integrating users into a single platform. Here are some of its highlighted features that your enterprise stands to benefit from should you choose to invest in the system:

  • Unit Testing
  • Release Testing.
  • System Testing
  • Static Testing
  • Software Testing
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Interrogation testing
  • White-Box testing
  • Grey-Box testing
  • Black-Box testing
  • Non-functional Testing
  • Functional testing
  • Deployment testing

Why you should prefer Manual testing over other testings

There must be something knocking in your mind that why you should get a manual testing when there are so many other different tools available in the market. Here are six benefits of getting a manual testing service:

  • Manual testing is suitable for that kind of product that use GUIs, the one who constantly change.
  • Manual testing is suitable for those products which have a short life cycle.
  • Manual testing is less expensive and less time consuming when it comes to high productivity.
  • Manual testing helps you to change the courses of action even in the middle of a test run. By doing this you can examine a sudden error or something which was not tested previously.
  • Manual testing is better than automation testing when it comes to inductive reasoning and human intuition.
  • Manual testing can not be fooled as automated testing because of the human element.