What is cross platform Development?

Cross platform mobile development means the development of mobile applications and accessories that are written in one code but are open for use and deployment on most interfaces like Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry. This is a highly efficient means of investing in a widely distributable software or application that will serve similar purposes over different operating systems and development platforms. As the word itself entails, it concerns itself with the development of mobile technology that transcends platform barriers. This has been made increasingly easy to achieve with most of the bigger names in application and software development platforms are basing their operation Systems on similar languages which make the codes of the concerned software easy to replicate on other device platforms.

Why you should be interested?

The first and foremost reason for your to consider investing in Cross Platform Mobile Development is that in the future, should you choose to expand your reach to more mobile platforms that that which you initially developed your applications with, will be far easier to do and will not require complete do-overs. A minimal requirement of employing different developers for specific tasks is another reason that this approach to mobile development is highly recommended. With the reduction in development cycle due to the flexibility and the ability of transcendence of various platforms, the long term costs for maintenance and upgrades is reduced too.In short, one-time hassle and you have a deployment ready software at your disposal.

Let PureLogics Take care of your cross-platform woes

With the extensive experience and intricate skill of the PureLogics team, your Cross Platform Mobile Development could not be commissioned to a better development firm. We have a team of highly trained individuals excelling in all major Operating Systems and Mobile Development Platforms which makes their work increasingly reliable in creating cross platform mobile developments.

Our software engineers use their technical expertise to the best interest of our clients and use their development skills in applications by using HTML, Javascript, CSS among others. With our thorough procedures of development to deployment stages, you are guaranteed an end-product that would put your rivals? to shame.

More reasons to get your platforms crossed

There is certainly no end to the vastly beneficial approach to mobile development that is, cross platform development. However, here are some of the features that would definitely grab your interest:

  • Cross Platform Mobile Development is highly cost effective
  • It is a seamless solution to your mobile development requirements panning over all major platforms like Windows, Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Android.
  • There is no technical barrier
  • The work is time efficient and speedy

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