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When you turn to the World Wide Web for answers to all your business mobility application development challenges, the inundation of choices is hard to beat. Many discerning companies have chosen to address not only their enterprise mobility needs but also their commercial B2B app development requirements using Android business solutions.

PureLogics can constitute dedicated teams of competent and qualified Android engineers to work exclusively on the next generation line of Android business apps based on the latest Android OS and Framework. Whether it is a sales presentation business app that you need or a feature rich customer service and help desk ticketing app, PureLogics droids are eager to build it for you professionally, on time and under budget.

Why Choose Android?

  • Highly cost effective app development and deployment with intuitive resource optimization built in because Android is open source with no licensing, renewal or upgrade fees
  • Open source operating system which lets engineers at PureLogics tweak the Android source code as they build highly customized Android business solutions for your organization
  • Development repository of libraries, routines, APIs and third party solutions which greatly accelerate the development cycle
  • Unconditional access to Android SDK and Android Framework which utilize the Linux kernel both of which are maintained by Google
  • Seamless integration of Android hardware and features such as touch screen, media player, 3D graphics, 3G, HD video, accelerometer, magnetometer, gesture recognition, camera, bluetooth and Wi-Fi with your custom business apps
  • Natural integration with Google products such as Google Maps, Gmail, GTalk, Google Earth and Google+ so that your employees and/or customers can communicate effortlessly with clients and one another using the power and potential of rich media
  • Swift download and one-touch installation of your Android business apps when built using the Android platform
  • Genuine multi-tasking capability along with improved data security, stability and minimal crash rates so that mission critical activities are never interrupted

You can count on PureLogics for

  • Android accounting apps that perform and deliver flawlessly in a 100% secure environment
  • Android HR and training apps that not only train and motivate your workforce but support them effortlessly as they contribute to your corporate productivity
  • Android firmware that has been customized for deployment across the enterprise
  • Any type of customized Android business apps development for which your organization feels a need

What do you get when you combine the power of Google, the agility of open source and the dynamism of the Open Handset Alliance? You get Android which is both a full blown operating system in its own right as well as a potent software development platform that has taken the mobile universe by storm.

PureLogics was among the first few companies in India to recognize and understand the Android Fo rce which is why Android application development is one of our core strengths. PureLogics?s Android arsenal features development services that showcase: .

  • Android app development based on the latest Android SDK and Android Framework for compact, easy-to-download and speedily executable apps for both smartphones and tablets
  • Extensive use of Java and other core technologies to bring to you apps that are not only affordable but are devoid of any licensing, renewal and listing fees
  • Advanced-level expertise in Android apps development both for enterprise-wide deployment as well as for mass market adoption
  • Significantly reduced time to market owing to Android?s highly structured and streamlined development model
  • Wide-ranging experience with Google Android Marketplace so that the Android applications we develop for your enterprise are duly registered with Google in a timely manner.

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