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22 Mar

All You Need To Know About Agile

What is Agile? As per dictionary, Agile means “living, responsive” but we translate it more often as “flexible.” In the software development industry, this term appeared in the early 2000s, when the “Manifesto of Flexible Software Development” was published in Utah. Since then, “agile” is understood as a set of approaches for “flexible” software development. The essence of the agile approach is stated in the “manifesto”, but for the customer it can be briefly formulated as follows: Development is carried out in short cycles (iterations), lasting 1-4 weeks; At the end of each iteration, the customer receives a valuable application... Read More

18 Nov

The Basic Laws of Building Efficient Teams

Recruiting the best talent for your organization is one thing but getting your teams to perform is an entirely different story. You cannot simply hire people and expect them to perform without putting effort in turning a bunch of random individuals into a ‘team’. In programming, as in physics, there are laws. So the first question you face here is, what is an efficient team, how to create it and how it affects the performance of the company? The performance of any company depends critically on its team. A team’s performance, at any level, depends on its ability to accelerate... Read More

9 Sep

How To Outsource Software Development For Startups

Technology today has made it a lot easier for startups to get off the ground as we can see an app for everything (literally) these says. The business processes are now more efficient and which naturally translates into better productivity. So I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that in today’s world, all you need to start and run a business is an idea and a great app to run it. If you’re not an expert with technology and don’t want the hassle of having to manage an on premise engineering team then outsourcing is your best bet. They say... Read More

12 Aug

7 Tips for Estimating Software Project Costs: Why Outsourcing Is Your Best Bet

As the product owner, you certainly want to get the best ROI for your project. The more project costs will be precise, transparent and reliable, the easier it will be to manage the project budget. Why the estimated cost of a project is important? An estimate of the project cost can help you build a comparison chart of the estimated cost to the estimated profits, i.e. the project’s profitability and thus to judge whether the project should be materialized. Moreover, it allows you to check that you have the necessary budget for the project; and ensure throughout the project that... Read More

14 Jun

What Turns A Project Manager Into A SuperHero

The internet is bursting with the content on project management techniques, tools and best practices. There are blogs that contain technical advice, recent advancements and prevalent techniques and then there are websites, whitepapers and ebooks that claim to provide important insights and sample roadmaps etc but project management is much more than superficial planning and experience doesn’t always help as every project has something unique to it and it can always take you to an uncharted territory where you might feel stuck and helpless. To avoid situations like these, we have a piece of advice that might help you sail... Read More