28 Jul

AngularJS 2.0 – Your Enterprise Application Development Partner

Experiencing an overwhelming demand for mobile applications, firms are continuously striving to get their hands on the latest development technology in the marketplace. These technologies are being revamped to enhance the user-experience in every possible way. For enterprise application development, however, there is one choice cut above the rest; AngularJS. AngularJS made its debut back in 2009. It came to spotlight, however, with its major revamp last year and has become one of the most dominant technologies in the realm of open-source JavaScript Frameworks. This proficient client-side technology has provided developers with all the latest tips and techniques they needed, to... Read More

26 Jul

Software Outsourcing Companies – How Do They Benefit Your Business?

The world has evolved at a lightning fast pace, and the marketplace for each and every sector is being overruled by a new sensation every other day. Technology has dug deep inroads in our life, and it has become almost impossible to think of our lives without the synergy of tech-savvy liaisons. In today’s age, it is unlikely that we find a firm which is successfully surviving in the marketplace, without being in quest of help from numerous outsourcing firms. The benefits and scope for outsourcing, specifically software outsourcing are unparalleled. Leading software outsourcing firms have taken a lead in... Read More

22 Jul

Custom Software Development – How Can It Help Your Business?

Businesses in today’s world are running a race against plethora of competition. To gain an edge over the competitors, the technological process entail knowing the best software solution for your company. Survival in the digital age necessitates comprehension of business process that run in your company and the best way to map them in your digital solutions. If you are a business owner or someone looking to kick-start your startup, you might be wondering whether an ‘off-the-shelf’ software can fulfil your requirements? Or is it a custom made software, designed according to the requirements of your business, you seek? Let us help you make your mind... Read More

15 Jul

Top Cross-Platform Application Development Gizmos in 2017

For a business to survive and thrive in the age of information technology, it is important to have a digital imprint in the mobile market. And nothing facilitates application of mobile applications than cross-platform development. As per a report, on average, more than 55% traffic on a website is mobile based. Losing out more than half of the audience is not something businesses can afford nowadays.Cross-platform mobile application development is a substitute for the native application development method, which is being used to satisfy the towering demands of entrepreneurs, looking to own a mobile application at an affordable cost. PureLogics offers... Read More

12 Jul

How to Ace Your Search for Competent Software Outsourcing Companies?

Running a business while keeping the costs low and productivity high is the mantra to growth in the competitive marketplace. Outsourcing in 21st century is not just a trend but a need of the time, as it saves you both money and hassle, given the right outsourcing firm. However, finding the most competent software outsourcing companies in today’s time and age can be like finding a needle in a haystack. As a business-owner, you need to set your eyes on several things, in order to make sure you find the perfect software outsourcing company for your firm. Here are a few... Read More