23 Jun

Trending in 2017: Enterprise Mobility

The past decade has seen a rise in mobile devices and their integration in office work. Whether their use is sanctioned by the office itself, is a different story. However, on this all experts agree upon; enterprise mobility is widespread and is here to stay. There is an inherent increase in working away from workplace, as employees continue to use their own devices or locked-down devices handed by employers. A sharp increase is being observed from 2012, and ever since, the trend has caught up. However, what has enabled enterprise mobility to increase market penetration in such short time? Here are... Read More

21 Jun

Thinking of Making a Mobile Responsive Site? Read this First!

In the fast paced combative realm of online business, the number of tech-savvy mobile users is increasing with each passing day. In such situations, it becomes quite difficult for the entrepreneurs to make sure that their business stays ahead of the curve of competition. This is where having a mobile responsive platform can help you. Amidst all business platforms which are present over the internet today, the ones which are mobile responsive gain the highest profit margins throughout the world. Most users stop following a web platform, which they might find difficult to use or to which their access is... Read More

16 Jun

The Most Sought-After Programming Languages in 2017

In the battle between the digital enterprises and the brick and mortar titans, one cannot simply understate the aid of technology and the role of computers in our life. Whether it is a government official or a medical entity, everyone is looking to make their lives easier with the help of computers and the software which runs these machines. With this popularity growing and the world of technology revamping with each passing day, an important role in this venture is being played by programming languages. These languages have grown in the past few years, and now there is a competition between them;... Read More

14 Jun

5 reasons you should consider to make mobile applications user-friendly

Traditional merry-go-round wired telephones has fallen at the hands of the modern day pocket-sized smartphones. In this fast paced technology controlled world, mobile applications and the IoT has dug deep inroads in our life and are now inherent in order to run an efficient business. In such times, entrepreneurs and forward-driven tech savvy retail owners are continuously aiming towards getting a mobile application, which not only allows them to have a wider scoring scope with their clientele – but also provides their business with a much farfetched online presence. However, a key point while developing a mobile application is to make... Read More

9 Jun

5 Most Hyped E-Commerce Trends of 2017

With the dynamic upsurge of technology being ushered into the society we live in, this era can undoubtedly be called a fast paced cyber driven realm. Before the advent of internet back in the 1990’s – the brick and mortar titans had an upper hand over the digital warriors. However, as e-commerce slithered its way into our lifestyle, the world has moved from desk drawers to cloud-based inventory management systems. Every year, the uncountable niches of e-commerce are gifted with numerous new trends; which slowly take over the marketplace. Just as 2016 was the perfect year for social media campaigns... Read More