27 Oct

How To Create A Suitable Business Intelligence System

For correct business decision-making it’s important to have detailed information and insights on the state of affairs in the company. But often such information is limited to the annual or quarterly reports. To effectively analyze the organizational processes and progress, enterprises often implement business intelligence systems (BI-system) that enable them to make more informed decisions. Here I’m sharing a few tips that may help when you create a BI-system for your company. Design Store the raw data, rather than sections. Do not hope that the fixed schedules and reports will be sufficient. Instead, managers will ask you to build more... Read More

14 Oct

Top 10 Tips on How to Improve Your Website Speed

I think it is no secret that the page loading speed affects the traffic and visitors. For those who don’t know, the download speed depends not only on how long a visitor will wait, but also on the SEO optimization. After all, today for many search engines have begun to consider the page loading speed while ranking sites. Therefore, the faster your website will load, the more visitors you get from search engines and consequently, more money to make money. Therefore, in this article I decided to compile the top 10 tips on how you can increase the speed of... Read More

7 Oct


Here we are again with our weekly dose of tech juice. The focus is again on eCommerce and the comparison of the available platforms. This article will help you choose a platform for your online shop and compare the features of e-commerce platforms from different manufacturers to meet the needs of your organization and the specific industry in which you work. HOW TO CHOOSE A PLATFORM FOR AN ONLINE STORE? Choosing a platform for online store: – It is not just about the comparison of e-commerce systems in the market, it’s a thorough analysis of Web platforms from different vendors,... Read More