26 Aug

How Much Does An Enterprise Mobility App Cost?

So you have decided to get an app for your enterprise but are still unsure about the costs involved. When you ask a professional, you often get a vague response that goes from $10000 to several hundred thousand. Indeed, every mobile app is different. In many cases, clients want a specific technology, which translates into unique development for each application. Due to the large number of variables, the cost of application development largely depends on the number of hours needed for development. The key factors that influence the development of an application are as follows: 1. Features: The more features... Read More

17 Aug

5 Rules To Create a Great UI/UX Design

A few things remain consistent and inevitable in life i.e. death, taxes and the question of a stranger, “What do you do?” A minute after the handshake. As a software product development team dealing with UI/UX matters 24/7, we have been trying to find the answer to this question and here is what we came up with: Our job – to be inside the user’s brain. We need to look at the design through the user’s eyes and get rid of potential problems or confusion. We have compiled a list of 5 UX principles that our UX team uses in... Read More

12 Aug

7 Tips for Estimating Software Project Costs: Why Outsourcing Is Your Best Bet

As the product owner, you certainly want to get the best ROI for your project. The more project costs will be precise, transparent and reliable, the easier it will be to manage the project budget. Why the estimated cost of a project is important? An estimate of the project cost can help you build a comparison chart of the estimated cost to the estimated profits, i.e. the project’s profitability and thus to judge whether the project should be materialized. Moreover, it allows you to check that you have the necessary budget for the project; and ensure throughout the project that... Read More

5 Aug

Pokémon GO- Guide, Tips and Cheat Sheet for Beginners

We have recently seen the Pokémon mania taking the world by storm. However, there are countries where the dream world still brings a lot of money. And the appearance of Pokémon in the real world was only a matter of time and technology. Well, the technology caught up, and the time has come – and world is going crazy over Pokémon GO Here are a few Pokémon GO tips and secrets about how to quickly swing the game. Where to Look for Pokémon In the beginning, you’ll see Pokémon everywhere. Under the bed, on the table, behind the door, but... Read More

3 Aug

A Futuristic View Of Augmented Reality

A couple of years ago one of my friends discussed her idea of using augmented reality in education but it was a novelty for many people at that time and I was skeptic if her idea could ever be materialized, however, I wished her luck for the wishful thinking (at least it looked like wishful thinking at that time) but little did I know that it will become the center of everybody’s attention so quickly. We have recently seen the world going crazy about Pokémon Go, and with this, augmented reality has driven a bit too much attention to the... Read More