29 Jul

10 Interesting Mobile App Design Trends [Part 2]

Continued. 6. Simple soft colors Observation suggests that majority of the smartphone users prefers the simple range of colors, which have soft contrast. This is a natural consequence of the omnipresent minimalist and flat design of mobile applications. However, the colors are chosen based on current trends (in the color palette Pantone Spring 2015 preference is given to “a cold and soft decisions with soft warm tones”). Try to use the template with different shades of the same color, with white font and contrasting elements. Or try a pattern with only two or three in hushed tones. In the context... Read More

28 Jul

10 Interesting Mobile Apps Design Trends [Part 1]

With the development of mobile applications – from Uber to Vine – we are gradually beginning to understand how trends in the mobile applications designs were formed over a decade. Many factors influence how mobile applications are perceived by the laymen- this year, for example, we have seen huge screen phones aka phablets in conjunction with tiny wearable accessories. The more users use mobile technology in their daily lives, the more they are curious about the applications that are being offered. When checking mail, booking a hotel room, ordering a gluten-free pizza for home delivery and much more. Applications such... Read More

22 Jul

Enterprise Mobility For eLearning: How It Can Revolutionize Educational Trends – Part 2

Continued. Following the previous post “Enterprise Mobility For eLearning: How It Can Revolutionize Educational Trends – Part 1”, we know mobility has a lot of potential to improve the learning and teaching practices all over the world. But we are not finished yet as there is much more to mobility than meets the eye. Let’s have a look at the global stats regarding mobility to find out how it has already influenced the eLearning industry. In 2014 the number of mobile devices surpassed the total number humans and many of them prefer to access internet and content using their smartphones.... Read More

20 Jul

Enterprise Mobility For eLearning: How It Can Revolutionize Educational Trends – Part 1

Gone are the days when learning was limited to classrooms and people had to be confined to a specific geographical location for their academic achievements. Today, technology has lifted a lot of constraints that were deemed inevitable for effective learning in past. However, I’m not going to harp on the same old string of “How things were before the technology took over” since we still are looking forward to future progress. We have indeed come a long way in terms of learning and teaching methodologies but still the best thing that we can flaunt is eLearning that enables the students... Read More