24 Jun

Free iOS Programming Tips For Rookies

Are you trying to figure out your iOS app? Where are you going to start it and how are you going to start your iOS development? Confused because of many variations in programming languages? Have to fill up your head with many frameworks and perfect coding? We know how you feel! When you are about to dive inside the pool of iOS development but still not sure about the landing spot and volume of splash you are going to create. In simple words you are looking for a simple way to start your iOS development, not sure about the results... Read More

22 Jun

OpenCart Integration With Payment Gateway: Know Your Options

First, let me give you a brief overview of payment integration gateways and what are these used for… it is pretty simple to understand the role of gateways, and you do not have to learn the zigzagged technical stuff. Payment integration gateway is used for eCommerce applications to enable the payment services like credit card payments for online businesses or retailers. Customers’ sensitive information and details are stored in websites such as passwords, credit card details, credit card numbers etc. plus they also ensures protection of data and secure lines. It also allows to transfer detailed info between payment portals.... Read More

14 Jun

What Turns A Project Manager Into A SuperHero

The internet is bursting with the content on project management techniques, tools and best practices. There are blogs that contain technical advice, recent advancements and prevalent techniques and then there are websites, whitepapers and ebooks that claim to provide important insights and sample roadmaps etc but project management is much more than superficial planning and experience doesn’t always help as every project has something unique to it and it can always take you to an uncharted territory where you might feel stuck and helpless. To avoid situations like these, we have a piece of advice that might help you sail... Read More

7 Jun

How Enterprise Mobility Is Going To Change The Business Game

Over the last few years we have seen rapidly evolving technology and a natural consequence of this technological growth is the drastic change in the ways organizations and people work. Now the productive hours in a day are worth more than actual physical presence. Organizations are hunting talent from all around the world and empowering their teams to work from anywhere using their mobile devices. The corporate data is made available on cloud so employees can access and share their information through their mobiles and tablets. The approach is inexpensive, provides credible business intelligence and analytics, offers an effective monitoring... Read More

3 Jun

5 Top Forecasts For The Futuristic Programming

Do you think it is easy to put a ball in basket while playing basketball? I am sure it is hard, now imagine the basket is moving and shifting its place will make it harder. Same with the advancement of technology, it is growing so fast and making things harder for programmers to create a new hitting technology. Many people are well aware of tech-trends, but the pace they are moving at is shockingly fast… and becoming challenging for firms to build tools to support these constantly evolving technologies. This rapid progress points towards an important question. Is advancement leading... Read More