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At PureLogics, we aim at building the best of everything. Be it technology, environment or relationships with our human resources. Our team is passionate about contributing to the world in a most productive manner and this is what enables us to deliver hundreds of successful projects every year. The chant of making it all possible is simple: “we care” We believe that successful companies comprise of happy employees and this is why we invest a lot of our energies in providing highest level of workplace satisfaction to our team members. The key workplace facilities we offer are:

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PureLogics is a full-service technology company. We emphasize mainly on enterprise portal applications, manual processes automation, financial streamlining and business intelligence applications, enterprise portal integration with a custom as well as branded software, eCommerce and enterprise mobility. The list of quick facts will give you an insight into our works and achievements:

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We develop enterprise level web and mobile apps.

From consultation to implementation and execution, all development phases of mobile and web applications are addressed by a team with global reach and expertise. Our goal is to ensure 100% client satisfaction by offering innovative, reliable and robust development services. At PureLogics, we do not compromise on the quality of the work that we produce. Not only is this in the better interest of the client but also reflects our standards to the world, which we take with great seriousness.

Application Services

PureLogics has an established reputation of providing fine application development services to its clients in the web development area. We have the strength of an onshore team for needs gathering, system plan and project supervision.

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If you're wondering why you should invest in mobile application development for your business or product, well there's no other way to put that "Everybody's doing it!?

Enterprise Solutions

For PureLogics, implementing efficient and timely solutions for our clients is one of the foremost priorities. We understand the importance of the process and how effectively it could enhance the functionality of your enterprise and organizations

Quality Engineering

Our mission is to provide effective and efficient QA services to help protect our clients' brands and their trust. PureLogics provides a broad range of release and project-based testing services.




We make sure that we design the best solutions and provide pain free implementation to keep our valued customers loyal to our services

Fans of Subversion claim that it is the best version control (VCS) and source code management (SCM) there is, but developers are realizing the key features of Git and many argue that it is a step ahead of SVN – command name for Subversion. They are both open source VCSs whose essential purpose of tracking changes to files and folders (directories) may be the same, but the logical application of tracking these repository changes is quite different and it can be questioned which is the better of the two.

Git affords users the convenience of a decentralized structure where each developer has a repository of their own and can easily do everything offline. From the outset, Git was specifically designed to be fully distributable, enabling each team member to have full local control. This is not possible with SVN which tracks changes as they take place and if the original file is in a remote location, say your company office, and you are working in your car without an internet connection there is no way for you to access the original repository.

Git is a lot faster than SVN and its repositories are neatly compressed, hence they are much smaller than SVN’s. For example, for the Mozilla Project its repository was 30 times smaller. The repo file formats for Git are also a lot simpler, allowing easy repairs if the need arises and instances of corruption are rare.

Subversion’s branches are a lot more complex than Git. They are more in number, as well as being more resource heavy, which is not a concern for its counterpart. It is interesting to note then that Git branches carry their full history. Subversion lets you check out just a sub-tree of a repository; whereas with Git you are required to duplicate the entire repository (back-up history included) and create a working copy that reflects at least a partial chunk of the items under the version control.

Git allows its users to audit its branches thoroughly and simply and merge various events, which you might have conducted at different intervals of the timeline. You can work on events individually and on parallel and need not worry about jumbled paths or losing any remote data. This is not a convenience afforded by Subversion to its users.

Git has integrated features that like automatic clean up that are lacking in Subversion. As GIT has a local repository, it ensures redundancy is kept to a minimum and old branches are removed automatically. In case of no new changes, it does not save 2 copies, it simply provides a link to the previously saved file. With Subversion you have to manually clean up or ‘update’ to clean up local and remote copies.

Git has greater flexibility, with allowance for doing things the way you want to do them. You can use whichever workflow you want and Git will support it. With Subversion, you have to follow a fixed format and stick to the same routine procedures each time.

Git requires a higher learning curve than SVN and it might require more time getting used to, but it packs a power punch in development that takes away the edge from Subversion and other contenders. It is definitely worth investing the time to understand and get acquainted with its systems to improve your development projects.